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School Holiday
January 20, 2020

BPA Regionals
January 18, 2020

TSA Regionals
February 19-21, 2020

BPA State
March 6-9, 2020

Spring Break
March 9-13, 2020


Welcome to Mr. Coursey's Classroom

The purpose for this site is to add additional support and resources for my students at Mesquite High School. In addition, it also supports my Youtube channel Mr. Coursey's Classroom as well.

Students: Click on Courses and choose the course name you are currently enrolled in to recieve a course syllabus, class rules, assignments, class announcements, and resources.
Parents: Click on Courses and choose the course name your child is currently enorolled in to see course lessons, class rules, and information.
Online Learning Community: Click on Tutorials and choose from the list the subject/software that you are interested in learning. If you find my tutorials helpful, please subscribe to my youtube channel.
Class Schedule
Period Course Time Location
1A AAVP/Practicum 8:45-10:05 TEC
2A AAVP/Practicum 10:10-11:50 TEC
3A Conference 12:15-2:05 TEC
4A Conference 2:10-3:55 TEC
5B AAVP/Practicum 8:45-10:05 TEC
6B AAVP/Practicum 10:10-11:50 TEC
7B AAVP/Practicum 12:15-2:05 TEC
8B AAVP/Practicum 2:10-3:55 TEC

Tutoring Schedule:

AM - Monday - Friday: 8:00-8:40
PM - by appointment

Date: 8/20/19
  Welcome back to the 2019-2020 school year! AAVP students, be sure to get the student login and passwords to access the course pages on this website.
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