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GarageBand Tutorials

GarageBand Overview | Setting Up the Work Area | Loops | Software Instruments |
Voice Recording
| Exporting an Sharing | Additional Tutorials

Software Description:
GarageBandTM software turns your Mac® into a recording studio. It includes hundreds of instruments and thousands of prerecorded sound loops that can be adjusted and enhanced to create original songs. The musically inclined can add their own guitar, keyboard, and vocal tracks.

Operating Systems

  • Mac OS

Tutorial Links

Useful Files


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Video Tutorials:
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GarageBand Overview

GarageBand v10

Garageband Tutorial For Beginners - 5 Things You Need To Know

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ACTIVITY 1 :Setting Up the Work Area
Garageband Tutorial For Beginners - Set Up Your Project

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GarageBand 10: Mixing & Exporting Loops

How To Use Loops In GarageBand 10

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ACTIVITY 3: Software Instruments
GarageBand 10: Choosing Instruments & Placing Notes to Compose Music

Garageband Tutorial For Beginners - Software Instrument Track Overview

Musical Typing -

What Musical Typing essentially allows you to do is use the keys on your Mac’s keyboard to play notes, chords and melodies.Click on the link above to see how it is done.

GarageBand - How To Use Drummer
Garageband 10 - Drummer Track Secrets
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ACTIVITY 4: Voice Recording
GarageBand 10: Vocal Transformer Voice Effects
GarageBand 10: Autotune Your Voice

Adobe Premiere CS6:
Editing Musicals with Multi-camera Editing

GarageBand 10:
Configuring External Microphones

Garageband Tutorial For Beginners :
Recording Takes

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ACTIVITY 5: Exporting and Sharing
Garageband - Exporting Your Final Product

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Additional Tutorials

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