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Class Rules, Expections, and Procedures

House Rules & Procedures Video Questions

  • E-Policy: When working on the computer it is your responsibility to stay on task. In the lab, the myriad opportunities, responsibilities, and distractions of the digital world are at your fingertips. You must resist. In other words, no internet exploration that is not directly related to graphic studio project research, and absolutely no e mail, instant messaging, text messaging, phone usage, headphone usage or work from other classes without permission.
  • Meet all deadlines & Produce your best work. Deadlines are a major part of a designer’s job.
  • Designated class hours are intended for graphic studio work, discussion, and critique. Your ideas and your designs will thrive in an atmosphere of open interchange, so: have fun, share your ideas and your opinions, respectfully. Behavior issues can influence your grade. These include active engaged participation in critiques and discussion, attendance, and timeliness. As a participant in this class you are expected to attend all classes. Class participation includes contributing to discussions and critique of your own and others’ work, as well as diligently working on your own projects during the class period.
  • Students are responsible for seeking help when needed. Students who need special accommodations are responsible for working with the instructor and the relevant school offices.
  • You are expected to be attentive during class, ask questions if you do not understand something, and to offer your opinion. You are also expected to listen respectfully to other students and your instructor when speaking. Racism, sexism, homophobia, ageism and other forms of bigotry are inappropriate forms of expression in this class.
  • By participating in this course and submitting your work electronically, you agree to grant us world-wide reproduction rights. You will not be paid a reproduction fee or license. You will retain the full right to use and reproduce the work in any context, and you will retain copyright to your work.
  • Murphy’s Law: If anything can go wrong, it will. Be prepared for many technical difficulties: computer crashes, data loss, printer out of ink, dead batteries, etc. If you expect and plan for disaster (the worst case scenario), you will always stay one step ahead of trouble. ALWAYS make a backup copy of your media and ongoing class work. It is YOUR responsibility to maintain and supply backup copies if needed. Backing up your files: Losing work due to failed media or overwritten files is not an excuse in the industry. You are expected to have an effective backup strategy for all of your files. While working, it is good habit to save your work frequently. You never know when there could be a power outage while you are in the middle of working on a project.
  • No Lining up at door, remain in seat until class is dismissed
No Food, Drinks, or Cell Phones:

No Food, drinks, or Cell Phones
No Execptions!

Throw away any food or drink before entering the lab.

Cell Phone Procedure:

  • When entering the classroom, you may keep your phone out of sight in your purse or pocket. Or, you may store or charge your phone in the cell phone parking lot.
  • If you choose to use the cell phone parking lot for storage, place your phone in one of the numbered pockets with the number matching your assigned computer. If you sit at computer #3, place your cell phone is place #3.
  • If you choose to use the cell phone parking lot for charging, use your own charging cord. Plug your phone in to one of the power strips and then place your phone (still connected) into one of the lower pockets in the cell phone parking lot.
  • The cell phone parking lot is only accessible before and after class. If you plan to store or charge your phone, you may not go and get it during class time.
  • If your phone is not in the cell phone parking lot and is causing a distraction from work in class, you will be directed to “park” your phone and you may pick it up after class.
  • Students who do not comply or have repeated requests to park their phones will have their phones “towed.” A “towed” phone will be stored in the teacher’s desk and will be turned into the office at the end of the day. If a student refuses to hand over their phone to be towed, the student will be referred to the office.

MHS Policy on Electronic Devices

Cell phones and other electronic devices may be used in the cafeteria. They may only be used in the class with teacher approval and are subject to be taken up if they are used without permission or a cause a disruption. Teachers have the discretion to take up phones that are on and/or found to be disruptive to the classroom learning environment. Phones taken up for the first time will be given back without a fine assessed. The second time the phone is taken up and every time after that, students will be required to pay a $15.00 fee. Headphones may only be used in the cafeteria, in the hallways during passing periods, and in classrooms with teacher approval. Students found to be in violation of this rule will be subject to campus discipline.

Only water bottles are allowed.
No Sodas or colored drinks

Chewing gum is ok,
but throw it in the trash,
not on the furniture or walls

Put Cell Phones away.
They are a distraction
You may charge them at the cell phone parking lot.

Drink Stain

Gum Under Table
Cell Phone Charging Station
Props rules and guidelines
Class props are meant to be used for classroom film and broadcasting assignments as well as competitions. All props are either property of Mr. Coursey or have been donated to the class. It is not yours to do as you want with them. Please be sure to use them with care so other can continue to benefit from their use. If anything is damaged, lost, or you see others being careless while using, please tell Mr. Coursey immediately.


  1. All Shirts, pants, vests, and jackets have been ironed and hung on hangers. Please hang clothing back on hangers as you found them when you are done using them.
  2. Do not stain or dirty up any clothing without permission from Mr. Coursey. You may be required to take home and wash any clothing that you have worn or stained.
  3. Purposely or carelessly staining or damaging props will result in an office referral and/or compensation. 
  4. Any lack or care or abuse of props can result in denial of future use and/or laundry fees/replacement.
  5. If you need to use any clothing outside of class time, be sure to get permission to take them off campus first.


  1. To not break, stain, or damage any props without permission from your teacher.
  2. Ask permission for anything that you use and check out outside of class time.
Listing to Music during Class:

Listening to music is allowed while working on projects in class as longs as:

  • I am not speaking to the class
  • You wear head phones & it doesn’t disturb others. Keep volume at an acceptable level to where others can not hear what you are listening to.
  • Must use Spotify or Pandora
  • Music from YouTube is not allowed

  • Create an account with Spotify
  • Open Spotify App on Computer
  • Listen to free music wearing head phones
  • Create an account with Pandora
  • Log in to Pandora on Computer
  • Listen to free music wearing headphones

  • YouTube Music Videos are not allowed.
  • Students often get distracted watching music videos.
  • Students caught watching music videos instead of working on assignments will get their computer turned off.

Discipline Consequences


Absentee Policy

When absent, you miss daily work. Check the online class calendar to view posted lessons and assignments for the days you miss. Handouts and/or work- sheets will be on the website to view. Come in before or after school and make up work during tutoring times. Do not expect to complete make up work during class. It is YOUR responsibility to take care of make up work so that you will not have zeros. Late work will not be accepted.


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