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Blender: Creating an Island Environment Tutorial

Overview & Objectives:
Learn how to create an Island Environment in Blender. 


  • Blender Software - Open Source (free)
  • Digital Camera, phone camera
  • Digital Images
  • Headphones


# of Participants

  • This is an individual Assignment, 1 person will recieve credit for work on this assignment.
Vocabulary: add vocabulary words related to the assignment

Part 1 (47:07)


QUESTION: My landscape editor tab goes closes out when I move my please

ANSWER: If you scale, rotate, or move it, the edit tab will close out. Same goes with any other object, but just delete it and add the landscape in again and it should remember your previous settings. I hope they fix this issue in the next update because it's a pain in the ass.

QUESTION: I have a problem following this, when I try to draw the lines, simply nothing happens in the part where your are creating a texture map for the ocean to appear more shallow and you are drawing a lines for breaker waves (around minute 40 in the video). All the settings are as is in the video, and I am left clicking to draw the lines, but nothing is visible.

ANSWER:  Turn the blue square around. it only works on the underneath side thing of the square.

Part 2 (49:34)

The tutorial makes a mistake and doesn’t change the the grass-particle-system. It still uses material 4, the palm-material. you’re not seeing any grass it is because because you need to  switch the render material setting for the grass particle system, otherwise you’ll get baby palm trees instead of grass.

NOTE: In the GIMP software when saving, you need to uncheck “Assign Color value to Translucent Pixels”  He does not mention this. 

Part 3 (25:02)

Part 3 Notes:

17:25 This doesn't work, because the layer named Background has no alpha channel. You can tell, because the name is printed in bold, where layers printed normal do have an alpha channel. To fix this, right-click in the layers panel and select 'Add Alpha Channel'. Now you should be able to erase parts just fine.

DUE DATE: Check Skyward for current DUE DATE

Video Directions:
For more videos, check out the Mr. Coursey's Classroom YouTube Channel
Click on the Video Title in the video to view the Tutorial in its own window at a larger size.
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Animation Basics
in Blender

Blender 2.5
Basic Interface

Creating and Transforming Objects (Blender 2.5)

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Directions for turning work in:

Save as period_lastnamei_asssignmentname.mp4 (1a_smithj_IceToText.blend) in your 1-6wks folder and place a copy in the AN1 Dropbox.

If you are turning in a file as a group project save as (2a_lastnamei1-lastnamei2-lastnamei3_assignmentname.mp4)

Extra Tips:
Use to download decorative fonts

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