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Blender: Ice To TextTutorial

Overview & Objectives:
Learn how to Ice text using the cycles render engine in Blender. 


  • Blender Software - Open Source (free)
  • Digital Camera, phone camera
  • Digital Images
  • Headphones


# of Participants

  • This is an individual Assignment, 1 person will recieve credit for work on this assignment.
  • This is a Group Assignment. You may work individually, or in groups of 2 to recieve credit.
Vocabulary: add vocabulary words related to the assignment

Assignment: Follow the tutorial below to turn ice to text.
This Blender video demonstrates how to make Ice text using the cycles render engine. Blender's fluid simulator is used during this video. Blender version 2.64 was used for this tutorial. This is a good tutorial for beginners.

Blender website

If you are using a long string of characters and your text looks like a blob, then the following instructions may help.

  1. When you add the bevel to the text, use a value of 0.02 instead of 0.05. (video location 2:40).
  2. After adding the bevel to the text, use a Resolution value of 0 instead of 7. (video location 3:07).
  3. When you set the fluid resolution use a value 200 instead of 100. A value of 150 will work also but 200 should work better. (video location 8:50). Remember, however, that the larger this number is the larger the required memory is.

Key Points

  • When you import a motion capture file (bvh format) the data contains the armature structure (a hierarchy of bones) and the position of the bones (poses) for a set of frames.
  • For the best result the skin (stick man model) should be in the same pose as the motion capture armature when in edit mode (the default pose).
  • In this tutorial, the existing hand made armature is used to deform the stick man skin into the default pose of the motion capture armature.
  • With the poses the same or similar, the bones are then moved and sized to match exactly.
  • The armature is then made the parent of the skin, the parent settings being - Armature Deform, With Automatic Weights.

Blender 2.6 Tutorial Linking a Carnegie Mellon University Motion Capture File to a Stick Man Skin

Key points -

  • The files have been converted into the bvh format by Bruce Hahne, an example file is taken from his site (
  • The file is simplified using a free utility (Bvhacker from
  • A stick man model (developed in previous tutorials) is made into a 'T-pose' skin by applying the armature modifier.
  • The motion capture file (bvh) is imported and the armature is matched to the skin.
  • The armature is made into the parent of the skin with the settings - Armature Deform With Automatic Weights.

DUE DATE: Check Skyward for current DUE DATE

Video Directions:
For more videos, check out the Mr. Coursey's Classroom YouTube Channel
Click on the Video Title in the video to view the Tutorial in its own window at a larger size.
P1:Creating a New Project in Adobe Premiere

P2: Adding Titles in Adobe Premiere

P3: Editing Audio in Adobe Premiere

Animation Basics
in Blender

Blender 2.5
Basic Interface

Creating and Transforming Objects (Blender 2.5)

Below are some examples from previous students
Example #1

Example #2
Example #3

Example #4

Example #5
Example #6

Directions for turning work in:

Save as period_lastnamei_asssignmentname.mp4 (1a_smithj_IceToText.blend) in your 1-6wks folder and place a copy in the AN1 Dropbox.

If you are turning in a file as a group project save as (2a_lastnamei1-lastnamei2-lastnamei3_assignmentname.mp4)

Extra Tips:
Use to download decorative fonts

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