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Blender: Gingerbread Man Tutorial

Overview & Objectives:
Learn how create an Animated Gingerbread Man in Blender. 


  • Blender Software - Open Source (free)
  • Digital Camera, phone camera
  • Digital Images
  • Headphones


# of Participants

  • This is an individual Assignment, 1 person will recieve credit for work on this assignment.
Vocabulary: add vocabulary words related to the assignment

Instructions:  Follow each step illustrated in the video.  Copy the videos from the server (or if at home, use the YouTube links below).  Submit your animated walking version as a .mp4 file to the appropriate assignment link in dropbox.

Note: Canadians call the letter z “zed”

You may find this written version valuable, although it may not follow the video instructions exactly.  The written section on animating this character is here

DUE DATE: Check Skyward for current DUE DATE

Video Directions:
For more videos, check out the Mr. Coursey's Classroom YouTube Channel
Click on the Video Title in the video to view the Tutorial in its own window at a larger size.
P1:Creating a New Project in Adobe Premiere

P2: Adding Titles in Adobe Premiere

P3: Editing Audio in Adobe Premiere

Animation Basics
in Blender

Blender 2.5
Basic Interface

Creating and Transforming Objects (Blender 2.5)

Below are some examples from previous students
Example #1

Example #2
Example #3

Example #4

Example #5
Example #6

Directions for turning work in:

Save as period_lastnamei_asssignmentname.mp4 (1a_smithj_IceToText.blend) in your 1-6wks folder and place a copy in the AN1 Dropbox.

If you are turning in a file as a group project save as (2a_lastnamei1-lastnamei2-lastnamei3_assignmentname.mp4)

Extra Tips:
Use to download decorative fonts

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