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About Mr. Coursey

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About Me:
Mr. Coursey I earned my Bachelor of Business Administration Degree in Strategic Management at the University of North Texas, and Masters of Science in Learning Technology & Information Systems - Media & Technology at Texas A&M University - Commerce. This is my sixfteenth year teaching courses from Audio/Video Production, Introduction to Business, Business Computer Information Systems, Webmastering, Digital Media, and Animation. I have earned the Teaching Certifications in Technology Applications , Business Education, Special Education, Apple Certified Pro in Final Cut Pro 7, Adobe Certified Associate in Visual Communication Using Adobe Photoshop CS6, and Adobe Certified Associate in Video Communication using Adobe Premiere Pro CS5. I am a Mesquite native and currently reside with my wife, Cathy, and 3 children in Sunnyvale Texas.
Philosophy of Teaching:

I believe it is almost impossible for you to learn software by simply listening to my lectures, reading tips or by watching the demonstrations only. The best way to learn any software is “hands-on” time with the computer. Nothing works better than taking the mouse in your hand, pulling down menus, pushing buttons and trying to figure out what you did incorrectly. If you combine listening to the lecture with taking notes, referencing the “Help” menu when stuck, doing the exercises and countless hours on the computer, you will do well. The more time you work with a program, the better you will get. Also, you should never come to class without your notes or your textbook. These are your reference materials. When most people are stuck, they use these materials. Others simply call on me to help. If you ask for help, you can be sure I will ask where your reference materials are.


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3rd 6wks
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5th 6wks
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6th 6wks
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TSA Nationals
Nashville, TN

June 27-July 1, 2020

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BPA Nationals
Washington, D.C
May 6-10, 20120

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